In a world that already seems saturated, Shine on intimates wants to make a difference.

This small Belgian label was born from a passion for lingerie and a sustainable lifestyle.

Read here how we want to change the world.

One bra at a time… 


We don’t work with a stockpile. When you order something, we create it especially for you. By hand. In Belgium.

Shine on intimates

Pre-loved and left-over materials

The fabrics we use are carefully picked second-hand and left-over materials that are suitable to live a second life as a piece of lingerie.

Low impact

We care for our planet and are constantly evolving to create beautiful pieces with the lowest possible impact.


We know we can always do better, so if you have suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

shine on intimates bralette

With kindness for your body

We develop our styles with great care for comfort.

We use an easy sizing system.

Our products are created to fit many different body types and the adjustable straps allow you to fit the bras perfectly to your body. 

Also, when straps are stretched out from washing after a while, you can fit them again. 

In this way, it lengthens the lifespan of your beloved item.

Limited edition

As our ground materials are very limited in quantities, we can only produce a certain number of products in one fabric.

Is a certain fabric no longer available?

Don’t worry!

That’s part of the deal with Shine on intimates.

We are constantly renewing our fabrics, so you will soon find your perfect match!